On This Day

I’ve just found a rather nifty plugin for WordPress. It basically inserts an “on this day…” item at the bottom of my posts (on each post page, not on the main page – if you’re looking at the main page, you’ll need to click on the title of the post before you can see it). Incidentally, I found it through Simon’s Blog – I saw it there, thought “that looks cool!” and downloaded it 🙂

Oh, the fun… anyway, that’s all from me for today. Three posts in one day, it must be some kind of record in recent times!


One response to “On This Day”

  1. It’s a cool little plugin that, isn’t it!

    Incidentally, I have a tiny little favour to ask you re my blog… It’s to do with the album and stylesheets, so you might be able to guess, but I’ll speak to you about it properly sometime!

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