Another useful Firefox extension…1 min read

I’ve noticed recently quite a few screenshots of web pages which seem to be very long, i.e. they are of the web page in its entirety, not just the viewable area (I’m very bad at explaining things: basically, what I mean is, if you have to scroll down a web page to see it, then the screenshot would include those bits that you need to scroll down to see).

I wondered how people did this at first – I assumed people were just using an image manipulation program and capturing multiple screenshots of the browser window at various points down the page and then pasting them together. Very naive of me, I know, but still.

I’ve just found an extension for Firefox named “ScreenGrab” which will take care of all that – you just hit a button and immediately the whole page is saved as a PNG or JPG, to wherever you want it. Is that cool or what?

Very useful if, like me, you have to get web page screenshots occasionally…

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