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There’s been an exploit going round recently (well, actually, for quite a while) which involves websites running cPanel (I think). A couple of weeks ago, someone managed to hack into this site and append some <SCRIPT> tags to the bottom of each index.php, the purpose of which was to download a virus to the unsuspecting victim’s computer.

In other words, if you’ve visited this site using an unpatched version of Internet Explorer during the past couple of weeks you may be infected with a virus. I recommend obtaining a good anti-virus scanner and doing a full scan.

The reason I haven’t noticed is because I don’t use Internet Explorer – I think most other browsers / operating systems are not vulnerable to this exploit.

Apologies to the inconvenience this may have caused you… it’s not my fault, but still. If you notice anything like this happening again please let me know straight away!


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  1. Ah, good old Internet Explorer, you can always be relied upon to make a pig’s ear of everything. Yes, I’d highly recommend Firefox, it is superb. And if it wasn’t the relative lack of plugins I’d also recommend Safari, which is now available for PC as well as Mac, and is apparently the fastest browser available – at the moment.

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