Update on eBay auctions…

I mentioned in my previous blog post that I was selling a couple of speakers and an amp on eBay. These have now been sold to one of my friends, so I’ve pulled the auction. Apologies to anyone who was interested!

Regular readers will know that we are currently in the process of buying a house. I also wanted to quickly update you on that situation, as it’s stressing me out a bit… the contract on our current flat ends at the end of June. We still haven’t exchanged contracts yet, and in fact we are still waiting for the mortgage offer letter (the Building Society have been taking their sweet time for one reason or another, it’s not been helped by the fact that they were waiting for a reference from my old employer about two weeks after I changed jobs…). So we’re just hoping and praying that it all goes through OK!

Anyway. What I wanted to ask is, does anyone know of any good removal companies? We’ve been looking at a few including one called ‘Team Relocate’, but if anyone’s used any in the Colchester area and can recommend one that would be useful… another possibility is just hiring a biggish van and trying to move stuff ourselves, but I’m not sure about that one!


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