The Weekend…

So… what did we get up to this weekend, then? “Not a whole lot” is the astonishing answer to that question! On Friday night we went out to the Rose & Crown on East Street for a drink, which was nice ๐Ÿ™‚

On Saturday, we went to the recycling place to get rid of all the boxes we used when we were moving (so much cardboard! – at least it can be recycled…). In the evening, one of Phil’s colleagues had a house warming party so we went along to that. It was good fun actually, and they have a very nice house – it gave us a few ideas…

On Sunday we went to Fordham in the morning. Afterwards, Chris invited us back for lunch, so we were in Wivenhoe for most of the afternoon. We went back home for a bit, before going out to the Bengal Spice for dinner with Alex. We thought that as Alex might not be round here much longer, it would be fitting to have dinner there! It was, as always, lovely food as well.

Afterwards we drove back to Alex’s before wandering down to the Beehive – it was the first time we’d been there, and it was quite a nice pub. If I lived a bit closer I’d probably go in there more often!

Right. I think that’s just about everything for now. We should be getting the internet at home on Wednesday, so hopefully it won’t be too long now before I can write posts at home (not that it will mean I’ll make them any more frequently, but still…)


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