Removal companies

You know, I completely forgot to mention this the other week, but I think it’s probably worth mentioning. When we moved, we used One Man and a Van as we didn’t want all the hassle of moving stuff ourselves (it’s a very tough job!).

Anyway, in a nutshell they were absolutely excellent – very cheerful, friendly and polite throughout; very careful with our stuff; and (amazingly) — very cheap!

If you’re in the Colchester area and need to move, we can recommend these guys 🙂

And I apologise for mentioning the move stuff about two and a half weeks after we actually moved, we didn’t have the internet at home until last week, and then it just completely slipped my mind!

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  1. Scary stuff. I am not looking forward to moving from here one day. I think would try to get rid of lots of crap first. It is amazing how in 2000 I could put all my possessions in two suitcases. Now our possessions take up two floors…

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