Idea: Gigs Aggregator

I had a good idea recently. I thought I would describe it here to see what other people think.

I’m always moaning about the fact that I don’t go and see many gigs. The problem is partially down to the fact that I don’t know when they’re on: I could trawl the ticket-hunting websites, or the band’s individual websites, but to be honest I just can’t be bothered! This is “Web 2.0” after all… I want aggregation!

Anyway. My initial idea was a simple website where you could put in the bands you were interested in and the locations you were interested in seeing them in. You could then subscribe to a feed using RSS, and whenever a band you were interested in was doing a gig in the areas you were interested in, you’d get a notification. Simple, huh?

But then I realised – there’s a hell of a lot of potential with that idea. For example, you could also notify about CD releases (for example, you get notified when a band you like are releasing a new album a few weeks beforehand). You could also do the thing where you can search on bands with a similar kind of sound. There’s also a huge potential for tie-ins with various different websites, i.e. you could sign up for an exclusive deal with a CD retailer for people to buy the CDs. That ought to be worth some cash.

This site would have the potential to be absolutely huge!

The only problem with this idea is – where would the data come from? You’d have to have a fair amount of clout just to get the data necessary to run such a site. It could take a while to get off the ground.

The other thing is, of course, someone might already have had the same idea – probably have, in fact. But I don’t know where.

Still, if a site like that doesn’t already exist, it really needs to!


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