Long weekend

This weekend was a long one for us – we took Friday off work to do some Christmas shopping! It was actually quite a successful day – we managed to get most of our Christmas shopping done, although we do still have a few bits and pieces being delivered (hopefully before Christmas!).

On Friday evening Philippa travelled down to see her sister, so I watched “The Big Lebowski” which was an OK film. It wasn’t the best film ever, but it was quite entertaining for an evening. On Saturday, I did some food shopping in the morning and didn’t go out again all afternoon as the rain was pouring down! In the evening I went to La Tasca in Colchester with Dan, Alison, Caroline and Tom. That was a good evening – we had a variety of Tapas dishes, plus a paella for two shared between the five of us (they are absolutely huge!). Afterwards we went to the Twister for a quick drink before heading home. It was a very enjoyable evening, La Tasca is always nice and it was good to see a few people again who I haven’t seen in a while!

On Sunday we went to church as per usual. In the evening we had a take-away curry, and then Matthew came round and we watched Top Gear. It was good again this week, I can’t believe they managed to get that BMW all the way to the finish line! So that was also a nice evening… not a bad weekend really!

Just a shame that all weekends can’t be three days long – I could get used to four days work, three days off… ah well!


2 responses to “Long weekend”

  1. Loved the top gear – got me to the edge of my seat again and loved the comments on the Driving report with the random footage of bikes in it… 😉

    If weekends were all 3 days long and 4 days off then we could end up with some random shift pattern as to when weekends were so I’m not sure its the best idea…

    And finally whose Tom – should I be going ahhh! Tom of course Tom instead of the ?! that I am going…. :S


  2. Tom is someone who has been going to the chaplaincy evening services this year, he’s just started a law degree. So you probably wouldn’t know him!

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