Torchwood: Sleeper

Ok, I admit it: I enjoyed this week’s episode of Torchwood. I think it was an interesting idea, and it certainly had more of the ‘human element’ than Torchwood of last year (namely, I actually empathised with some of the characters!).

There were a few problems with it:

  • Although Torchwood is outside the government / police, why do they have the power to hold anybody just on a whim? All that had happened was somebody got stabbed. What if (for example) there had been an invisible alien who did the stabbing? Ok, seems a bit ridiculous, but it’s possible. Cap’n Jack just leapt in and put that device on the woman with no definite proof – in my opinion, that was an incredible foolish and rash decision. But hey, we’re not really used to seeing good decisions from this team, so let’s just leave it and move on!
  • No explanation was given as to why the Weevil cowered in front of her. Although this may be part of a story arc (the whole ‘already here’ line suggests they may make a comeback this series).
  • So these… um, whatever you call them… are supposed to be data gatherers. How did they find out about the ten nukes, if it was “highly, highly, highly top-secret classified information”? Some form of hacking, I guess, but it’s not really explained.
  • Speaking of the ten nukes — storing ten nuclear warheads in a disused mine shaft? That sounds like it comes from “Dodgy Film and Television Cliches 101”. Oh, and I must have missed the part where the explained why these people were going to blow up the nukes, seemed a bit strange to me?!
  • Finally — what the heck is going on with Ianto’s character?!!! He’s gone from being mysterious (first part of series one) to wuss (second half of series one) to comedian!!! It’s as if the Torchwood writers don’t really know what to do with his character… completely bizarre.

Anyway, despite all of the above, I did enjoy the episode… why? Because they’re not taking it as seriously anymore. It’s no longer “Torchwood… Bitch”, it’s more a case of “Torchwood… Yeah, it is a bit silly, isn’t it?” They’ve lightened up the tone, and it’s working. I don’t care about plotholes so much anymore.

I think that’s enough about Torchwood for the time being at least!


2 responses to “Torchwood: Sleeper”

  1. You took the words right out of my mouth. Specially about Ianto.
    Also doesn’t the Captain Jack from Torchwood seem to be more heartless then the Captain Jack from Doctor who?
    Like you said they had no proof that it was her, the only proof they went on was the words of the burglar, who could have been lying.
    Why were they involved in this case in the first place? If they investigate every stabbing and burglary case in the city they must have a lot of time on there hands.

    But like you say I prefer this season so far

  2. I think the idea of Torchwood being involved was that it was a mysterious death – for example there was no sign of the Knife that did the stabbing and nobody knew what was going on – though did the Police call Torchwood or was Torchwood just listening in on the police?

    Ianto I agree on – they really don’t seem to know what to do with him…

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