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One of the annoying things about Facebook is the way it displays photos: at a very low resolution! You can upload photos at full resolution, but with Facebook you can only get a fairly low-res 600×450 (approx) resolution.

What I want to know is — why? Why this ridiculous restriction? Every other online photo service which I’ve used (Yahoo! Photos and Flickr) let you download the full resolution.

The only thing I can think of is that if people can’t download the full resolution photo from Facebook, they’ll be forced to use Facebook’s “Photo Prints” service (at least, I think Facebook has one!). But they could at least give you the option of getting photos in a slightly higher res (i.e., 1024 x 768) without too much fear of people doing that. And other photo sites offer you the option of getting prints and downloading the full-resolution version.


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  1. Well I think it’s a marketing thing for Flickr. I assume you’re using the free account, because if you pay and upgrade to the Pro version you get a load options, included higher resolution images more space/upload limits etc.

  2. Huh? I was complaining about photos on Facebook. I have a Pro Flickr account. I’m just moaning about my friends uploading photos on Facebook – I think even with a free Flickr account you get a better resolution than what Facebook give you!

  3. You’re dead right. But with the 20MEG per month limit for free accounts, that would limit someone with a 12MP camera to ONE picture a month, which is teh suck.

  4. Rod J Magar avatar
    Rod J Magar

    Phill, Just got you fb-uploader-1.4.1
    Great tool. I’m hoping this thread is an appropriate place for a request. I was wondering if you’d concider making it capable of uploading to a fb-group. I’ve created a group for my late father so family could upload their memory photos. It’s hard to explain how to do it with the built in PITA, so they email them to me. Could you help a fellow coder out? I do Delphi btw, never managed to master Java. Once again, nice job! (kiss, kiss )

  5. Hi Rod, well if you want to make a request you should raise a ticket here so I can keep track of them. But I don’t think there is much I can do – this is one of the most common requests but I am limited by the Facebook API. I can only do what the Facebook developers allow me to 🙁

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