So tired…

Well, it’s been a fairly busy weekend! On Friday evening, we headed down to Phil’s parents to stay for the weekend. We got there at around 7:30, and then just had dinner and just spent the rest of the evening rather quietly!

On Saturday we met up with a couple of friends for a little while before lunch. In the afternoon we went to look around a Mini showroom – we’re considering buying a new mini. Having seen one close up it does look good – the problem is, they’re quite expensive (even second hand)! If we’re going to buy one we will have to save up for a fair bit longer, I think. Still.

In the evening we headed into London, to the ‘Hidden’ nightclub in Vauxhall, for a trance night. Foz had invited us down, and there were also a couple of other people I knew from Colchester (Rich and Andy, from the DJ Workshop a few years ago). There were a few big names playing – Lange, Gareth Emery, The Thrillseekers… I was a bit disappointed with Lange’s set. He was playing some really dark, fairly minimal kind of trance, I couldn’t quite work it out. In the end I went into the next room where the DJ was playing some good stuff!

I didn’t stay for Gareth Emery or the Thrillseekers – Phil and I headed back for home at around 3:30 (what with me starting a new job today I thought it was probably a good idea not to be too late back!). But it was a good night all in all, though – apart from Lange’s set I enjoyed it, I do still like trance even if I don’t listen to it much anymore! And it was good to catch up with people as well.

On Sunday we didn’t really do much. We slept in late, watched the new episode of “Love Soup” (which was very good), before having a lovely roast dinner and heading back home. We managed to get to the lent course at St Albright’s, and then came back and watched Lark Rise to Candleford… so there you have it, that’s our weekend!

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