The Holy Grail of Weekends

On Friday evening, Alex and Elisa came round for pizza and to watch “Monty Python and the Holy Grail”. Elisa hadn’t seen the Holy Grail before, but she wanted to after going to see Spamalot earlier this year. It’s always good to watch some Python, although I’m not quite sure what she made of the film as opposed to the musical — the film is much more surreal! But that was a good evening, anyway, even if Alex & Elisa couldn’t eat the jaffa cakes they brought round because of lent (they’re off chocolate, I think). [Note to Alex: we will save the special jaffa cakes for after Easter!]

On Saturday we spent most of the morning in town. In the afternoon Phil went off to buy some food from the Mark’s Tey Food Company (more on that later) and I popped into town to get a couple of bits and pieces. I stopped in at ‘Zavvi’ (still can’t get used to it not being Virgin anymore!) and bought a few CDs — ‘Abbey Road’ by the Beatles, ‘Hold Your Colour’ by Pendulum, ‘Head Hunters’ by Herbie Hancock, and ‘Chichester Psalms’ by Leanord Bernstein. Quite an eclectic collection, actually! But all very good in their own way. The Pendulum album is one which I’ve been wanting to get since I listened to their essential mix last year, and it doesn’t disappoint.

Anyway. On Saturday evening, we had our next-door-neighbours round for dinner. It all seemed to go pretty well – we had a really nice time, and they liked all the food! Phil bought a few unusual cheeses from the Mark’s Tey Food Company, including a red leicester with pepper and chilli in it, which went down particularly well.

On Sunday, we went to church in the morning, and in the afternoon we spent the time relaxing and did a little bit of gardening. In the evening we went to the lent service at St Albright’s, before coming back home to watch ‘Lark Rise to Candleford’ and then ‘Love Soup’ (on the iPlayer), which were both very good.

And… that’s it from me!

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