I’ve added caching to this blog using the excellent WP-Super-Cache plugin for WordPress, after reading yesterday’s blog post by Jeff Atwood.

I don’t know whether it will make much difference in terms of what you actually notice, but it will at least help out in the extremely unlikely event that this site gets a large number of hits. Anyway, as usual – any problems, let me know!

I’ve also added a stats plugin for WordPress, so I’ll be able to see how people are reaching this blog and what they’re reading. Admittedly I could have known that already by looking at the awstats output provided by my web server, but that’s just too much effort! :p


2 responses to “Caching”

  1. Looks like supercache is working ok! Notice any drop in server load?

  2. Unfortunately I don’t have access to the server load statistics (it’s a shared host) but I’m sure it’s improved!

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