I wish all covers were this good

Covers of songs, that is to say.

In my guitar learning, I’ve been looking out some old songs to play, and I came across Joe’s “committee song” (to the tune of “Can’t take my eyes off of you” by Andy Williams)… it certainly brought back a few memories (“At last Linja’s arrived / at just a quarter past five” and “And although we’ve just finished / Joe’s got just one more thing” being two of my favourite lines).

Anyway, I was looking around the internet for chords to the song, and I stumbled on a cover version I’d never heard before, played by Muse! If you haven’t heard it already, you should definitely watch it on YouTube. It’s a whole new slant on the song, but I really like it!

If only other cover versions were of this kind of standard…


2 responses to “I wish all covers were this good”

  1. I seem to remember that was written out of desperation – it was that or a Steps dance routine (If ever there was a motivating factor for writing a song!)

    I wish I still had words for “If You Tolerate Chris Then Your Children Will Be Next” …

  2. Yes, I remember that! I’m personally very glad we didn’t have to do that Steps dance routine…

    Of course, the whole “If you tolerate Chris…” thing took on a whole new level of meaning when he started going out with Louise!

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