Movers and Shakers

I thought I’d probably better get around to posting up what we got up to this weekend before I forget! On Friday night, we went to a music practice at Fordham, and then afterwards stopped in at Tesco to get the week’s shopping.

On Saturday, Phil’s parents came up with a few bits of furniture Phil used to have in her room at home – namely, a desk and a couple of shelving units. They’re now installed in our spare room, which now looks much more like a proper room and less like a dumping ground for anything we couldn’t find a place for when we moved in! In fact, the spare room is probably the best-looking room in the house at the moment.

After setting up the furniture there, we took the bed that used to be in there down to my parents’ in Ipswich, and took their old bed to the tip. So it was quite a lot of moving around, but didn’t take too long in the end!

In the evening we had dinner with Phil’s parents, and watched “Doctor Who”. I wasn’t so impressed with the Doctor Who this week – probably a bit better than “The Doctor’s Daughter” and good fun, but a fairly light and silly story line! Still, the Stephen Moffat episode is coming up the week after next, and it looks really good. Looks like we’ll be behind the sofas cowering in fear at… shadows! (First children with gas masks, then statues, now shadows. What next? Air? — oh no, they’ve already done that one this season.)

Aaaaanyway. On Sunday we went to church in the morning, and then afterwards were invited out to John and Irene’s for lunch. We had a really nice afternoon there, and got back home late afternoon. We spent most of the rest of the evening “chilling out”!

So that was our weekend!

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