Quiet Weekend (for a change)

This weekend turned out to be fairly quiet, for a change!

On Friday evening we helped out at ’21’, which went well. On Saturday we went out to a BBQ at Roy and Janette’s (friends from home group).

Afterwards we headed over to Wivenhoe to watch the new Doctor Who (“The Doctor’s Daughter”). It was a pretty good episode, but there were a few things that bothered me somewhat:

  • If the ‘clones’ (for want of a better word – the output of the machine) couldn’t create clones from clones, how come they’d managed to survive through generations?
  • How come the general was so comparitively old? Unless they just had a shorter life-cycle, but that wasn’t suggested by anything else.
  • The death scene with Jenny, and then the coming back. It was a little cheesy… to put it mildly.

Still. Afterwards we watched Nancy and Pushing Daisies (which I’m liking more and more with each episode).

On Sunday we went to church in the morning, and then headed out to Mersea: one of Phil’s colleagues was opening a gym there, and it was the “grand opening” on Sunday. After popping in, we had lunch at the Art Cafe, which was delicious. Then we headed back home and did a bit of gardening (well, Phil did at least!)

In the evening we went to “Sunday @ 7” at Fordham, where Andy Saville was talking about the Divinity of Christ. It was a really interesting talk, and most of it will be available to download from the Fordham Website shortly (unfortunately the mic gave out five minutes before the end, doh!)

After the service we came back home and watched “Wild Hogs”. I quite enjoyed it – it wasn’t the best film in the world ever, but it was quite entertaining and good fun to watch. If you’re in a video rental store of an evening and don’t know what to get, I can recommend it.


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