Hybrid – Soundsystem 01

I bought “Soundsystem 01” by Hybrid last week. It’s not an artist album, it’s more of a mix album. There are two CDs: the first is an ambient, film-soundtrack kind of CD. The second one is more of a DJ set, reflecting the kind of tunes which are in their record box at the moment when they do sets.

As usual for Hybrid, it didn’t grab me all that much on my first listen – but it’s grown on me on subsequent listenings! The first CD is just the kind of thing you need if you’re trying to chill out. We put it on last Sunday afternoon, and it was just the ticket! Really mellow but plenty in there to actually keep you interested. (Hybrid actually did the percussion programming for the Prince Caspian music, I think there’s one track on there from Prince Caspian, and they have also done a fair bit of other soundtrack work so they’re quite experienced with it – and it shows).

The second CD is very tech-housey, apparently because of the lack of decent breaks around at the moment. Anyway, I’ve got into the CD more over repeat listenings, but I still don’t think it’s quite as good as some of their lives mixes that I’ve heard.

All in all, it’s a pretty solid CD which I can recommend 🙂


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