Feeling Neighbourly

Well, sort of.

On Friday night we went round to our next-door-neighbour’s for dinner. We had a lovely evening – we sat outside chatting before dinner, drinking some French liquer (we didn’t realise it beforehand but apparently it was about 45% proof! – I felt a bit woozy after that…) And we had a nice chat over dinner.

Then, on Saturday morning we went shopping, and in the afternoon went round to our other next-door-neighbour’s house for tea. We stayed there until late afternoon, and then came back home to do some preparation for dinner on Sunday: we were cooking a roast for my parents!

On Sunday morning we went to church in the morning – to which my parents were able to come, the first time they’d been to a morning service at Fordham. It was a good service, they very much enjoyed it and so did we! Mike was preaching a good sermon, all about healing in James 5. Very interesting and worth a listen (needless to say it’s on the Fordham Website 😉

After church we headed back home and made our roast. Well, to be completely honest, Phil did most of it! And I must say, did a fantastic job. For a first time doing a roast it went really rather well, I thought! After lunch we took advantage of the sun and went out for a walk around Bourne Mill.

Then my parents headed home and we cleared up and watched a couple of episodes of “Fawlty Towers”. All in all, quite a busy weekend (well, it felt quite busy) but an enjoyable one!


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