Coldplay, The IT Crowd, and the ESV…

A few various reviews and news bits…

On Monday, Coldplay’s new EP “Prospekt’s March” was released. I didn’t buy the CD – I just downloaded it from (£3.99 – bargain!). As I understand it, the EP is basically just songs which didn’t make it onto the album (Viva la Vida) but which are still part of the album musically. Anyway, it’s really good – there’s a small piano solo called “Postcards from Far Away”, which is like a Chopin Prelude. I think it’s virtually worth downloading it just for that! But the rest of the songs are also good – even the Jay-Z version of ‘Lost’.

Last Friday, the new series of “The IT Crowd” started. I was a huge fan of the first series, the second series wasn’t quite as good but still had some great moments. The first episode of this series looks promising – it was very funny and had some brilliant lines. One of my favourites: “(Moss) I’d be upset if you called me a big ugly builder. And not just because I’m an IT contractor”.

Lastly, my new ESV Study Bible arrived yesterday. It looks really good – loads of articles, commentary, information about each book… I’ve been wanting to get a study Bible for ages, and this looks like it won’t disappoint. I’m sure it will come in very handy when preparing talks, home groups etc.


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