Quantum of Solace

We went to see the new Bond film “Quantum of Solace” last night with Matthew and Anne-Marie. I didn’t really know what to expect, I’d seen a trailer for it but apart from that hadn’t heard much about it.

As Bond films go I thought it was pretty good: it had plenty of action, and the plot was pretty clever. There were a few ‘serious’ moments and a classic one-liner from Daniel Craig (if you haven’t seen the film I won’t spoil it by quoting though!)

There were a few downsides to the film, though. I was quite confused for most of the film…. this isn’t unusual for me (I watched LA Confidential and had very little idea what was going on for most of the time – I’m not good at names!). But apparently I wasn’t the only one who was confused, if our discussion after the fiml is anything to go by! I also felt like it didn’t quite live up to the standards of “Casino Royale” – that had some genuine tension, particularly during the poker game.

“Quantun of Solace”, on the other hand, just didn’t engage me in the same way – it felt a bit like it was desparately trying to, but not quite getting there. Perhaps it was trying too hard? Anyway.

It’s a decent film and worth seeing at the cinema, if you generally enjoy Bond films you won’t be disappointed. But don’t go if you’re expecting another ‘Casino Royale’ – i.e. lots of tension with not much action.

(Oh, I should also mention the theme tune by Jack White and Alicia Keys. In a word: disappointing. Muse would have done a much better Bond theme. They’ve already written songs which have titles like Bond films – ‘Ruled by Secrecy’ sounds like a Bond film to me!)


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  1. Just out of interest what did you think was the best one liner? I didn’t really pick up on any that lept out really…

    Personally I thought it was good – felt very similar to an old style bond film. The only gripe I had was the way it started – it seemed to be missing something important (though this reappeared at the end it was still missing from the start… – I’m hoping by my comments here you’ll get what I mean…) Still was good – and sets up nicely for a new series of films. Yeah it wasn’t as good as Casio Royale but it did feel like a different film too – more action less drama…

    Will stop rambling now.

  2. Hi Alex, the best line was (look away now if you haven’t seen the film): “We’re teachers on sabbatical… and we’ve just won the lottery”. Everyone in the cinema laughed at that one! There were a couple of others but I can’t remember them.

    Yeah, I think they went in a different direction to Casino Royale, which worked in some ways but not in others. Still I’d be quite happy to see the next film, even if I won’t rush out and buy the DVD of this one!

  3. Ah that was good – Daniel Craig showing he can do comic timing too 😉

    I found it a kinda sherbert-y film fun to eat, but the taste only stays in your mouth for 5 minutes (as shown by needing to be reminded of a line from a film I saw a week ago…)

    Still was fun – role on Bond 23!

  4. Phil Sacre avatar

    I loved (and again, look away now if you haven’t seen the film) what was surely Bond’s most random chat-up line ever – in a hotel bedroom, it went something like, “I can’t find any stationery in here, would you like to help me look?” I wouldn’t even have recognised that as a proposition, but apparently the Bond girl did, as there suddenly seemed to be a lot of nakedness going on….

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