Murphy’s Law

Murphy’s Law is basically “Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong”. Or, more generally, it’s all about irony. For example, if you haven’t prepared for some eventuality, it will happen. (Well, I suppose that’s more being unlucky than ironic, but still).

I had a great example of it recently. T-Mobile had been making things difficult for me in topping up my phone. I ran out of credit about a week or so ago, and tried to top up my phone online. No such luck: although the websites states that you can register up to four cards, and I only had two registered, I couldn’t register another one, and both of my previous ones were expired. Doh!

The stupid thing is, though – I’ve needed to call / text more people in the past week than I think I have in the past three months put together. Why? WHY?!!!! I swear this is some kind of universal constant – you will need something the minute you actually can’t. This particularly seems to happen with phones – as soon as you can’t actually text or call out from your mobile, you need to.

I say ditch mobile phones altogether :p


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