I’ve been very lax!

I’m afraid I’ve been very lax in updating – again! No surprises, then. But I really haven’t been doing anything particularly exciting. Tuesday evening, I went to CU and then headed round to Philippa’s place with a bunch of other people for pancakes. I didn’t actually have any pancakes in the end though! I wasn’t particularly hungry and I’d had some earlier. Still, it was a good evening.

Wednesday, during the day I did some work. In the evening was Fusion, and then Philippa came round for a bit afterwards. In the afternoon I went for a cream tea at the tea rooms in Wivenhoe — it was really nice! I’m looking forward to going there again in the summer 🙂

Yesterday, I went onto campus for 12:00 for ‘horizon’, I was leading the short service type thing on 1 Corinthians 14:1-25 (about the gift of tongues and prophecy). We had some good discussion… then I did some work for the afternoon, then went to theology seminar, then went home and did some revision for my progress test today in Middleware.

Today, I did some revision, then had my progress test on campus, did some work for an hour, and now I’m going home. And… that’s just about it!


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