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Thanks to the summer holidays, not much is going on at the moment! It’s been rather nice having the free evenings. We’ve been so busy for so long, it’s fantastic just to be able to get home in an evening and not have to go out to home group, Moore Course, youth club, music practice, PCC meetings, or whatever else we have to do. Next year we will definitely be cutting down the amount of stuff we do!

So, on Friday night we had a nice evening in. On Saturday afternoon, I helped our friend Sarah to buy a car! She passed her test a few weeks ago and so was looking to buy a relatively cheap small car. Unfortunately, there aren’t many cheap small cars around at the moment: because of the cheap road tax and insurance, it seems most people want small cars! But still, after looking round a few places we did manage to find a suitable Ford Fiesta (2000 registration) which would do nicely. It had done a good few miles (about 80,000) but it looked like it had been cared for and for the miles she’s likely to be doing will probably be fine. It was miles better than the Ford Ka we tried the week before anyway!

On Sunday we went to the morning service and Sunday@6 as per usual. Not much to say really – we had a nice quiet afternoon! Afterwards we came back home and watched Top Gear, which was very funny once again. And… that’s pretty much it for the weekend!


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