Wimbledon and Youth Service

It was a moderately busy weekend this time – but it should be the last busy weekend we have for a while (he says hopefully). On Friday evening I was leading at 21, but Laura was there this time so we didn’t have to do so much!

On Saturday we had a relatively free day. I spent a few hours throughout the day preparing my talk for the youth service. Apart from that we did a bit of shopping and enjoyed the sunshine! In the evening we relaxed, had a nice curry (from our Indian recipes book) and watched “Tropic Thunder”. I wasn’t that impressed with it to be honest… it was quite funny in parts, had some really great moments, but it’s not a real classic. It makes me glad that we have our easyCinema DVD rental service – we can just rent these DVDs we sort-of want to watch rather than shelling out for the cinema or buying DVDs! At a couple of quid a pop you can’t complain.

On Sunday morning we went to church, twice! And then came back for lunch, and watched the first half of the Wimbledon men’s final. It was brilliant – really tension making stuff, you just didn’t know who was going to win! Much better than the ladies final – I didn’t watch all of it, but the thing was… I just didn’t care who was going to win. Will it be Venus? Will it be Serena? I don’t know, who gives a fig?! Maybe I’m just cynical, but I find the whole Williams / Williams dominance of women’s tennis boring. You can just predict who’s going to be in the final.

To be fair, I find Federer’s domination of the game boring as well – but the final was an incredible match, especially given that I’d virtually written Roddick off before the tournament!

Anyway. We couldn’t watch the end of the match because we had to head off to Sunday@6 for the youth service (I think I would have found it difficult to get out of that one to be honest!). The talk went pretty well in the end – I had some positive comments at the end so it can’t have been that bad!

Afterwards we came back home and watched “Top Gear”. Bizarrely enough, I noticed some Green Wing music in Top Gear this time round, I don’t quite know why – the Green Wing music was composed specifically for the show! Still, was great fun to watch as ever. And that pretty much brings you up to date 😉


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