Box of Tricks

Yesterday my new Zoom G1XN arrived. For those of you who aren’t into guitars, it’s basically an effects pedal that gives you a whole load of options for how you want your guitar to sound – heavily overdriven, reverb, delay, chorus, modulation, compression – that sort of thing.

Anyway, it’s really good fun. I had a play with it last night, and even without much experience playing with it I think it makes my playing more interesting (though it wouldn’t take much, to be honest). I don’t want to do myself down as a guitar player, but… I am not great. And I can use any help I can get with making my playing sound better! Plus, I think it will be really useful when playing at Sunday@6 (for example) and I am playing with another guitarist. Having a bit of reverb and the like will hopefully let me be a bit more creative in filling out the sound.

What I really want to get at the moment though is a decent amp. I was borrowing a friend’s amp for a week or so (Peavey Classic 30 – proper valve amplifier) and it sounded sweeeeet. Solid state amps just aren’t the same! Still, the effects should give me somewhere to start for the moment 😉


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