Getting Christmassy

It’s that time of year again! On Friday night we had the 21 Christmas party. It went down pretty well, think all the kids had a good time. Then on Saturday we did a bit of Christmas shopping (nearly all done now… so close to the end!) In the evening we went round to James and Tash’s house for some Christmas drinks, nibbles and games. We ended up playing “Pass the Bomb”, which was good fun, and just generally chatting.

On Sunday we had church as usual, and then went to Sunday@6 in the evening, where I was leading. So, in general, it was a good weekend. I have a youth leader’s Christmas party tonight, and then it’s not long to go until the day itself!

Quite looking forward to Christmas this year, I need the time off and it will be nice to see family! Going to try and take it slowly. Anyway, it’s absolutely freezing tonight so I’m going to try and get warm next to a radiator! All for now…

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