A Weekend of Firsts2 min read

Yep, this weekend was indeed a weekend of firsts. To an extent. I shall start with Friday lunchtime: I bought my first ice-cream of this year from an ice-cream van! It was such a beautiful day, it felt right.

Then, I came back home to find that Matthew, Ellie and Samuel had arrived. It was the first time they had been up to Colchester with Samuel, and they were staying with us for the weekend. We had a nice dinner with them before hading out to 21. When we came back we watched “Ashes to Ashes”, which didn’t disappoint. My favourite bit was the graffiti – “Gene Hearts Sam”! The creators of the show do seem to like putting in these little things for the fans, even if it’s not important.

Anyway. On Saturday we did a few bits and pieces – popped over to the recycling centre in Colchester to get rid of all the cardboard packaging the PA system had come in, and then went up into town for a few bits and pieces. After a small lunch we headed over to Anne-Marie and Sarah’s for a BBQ. They had laid on a veritable feast! There were potato wedges (had to mention those first, as they had been requested ;), salmon, marinated chicken breasts and wings, kebabs – both with and without meat – and generally enough food to feed a small army.

So that went down a treat, the grown-ups loved the food and I think little Samuel enjoyed the company! After that we headed back to our house for Doctor Who, which was a good episode this week. I think everyone enjoyed it, despite the annoying Graham Norton trailer over a tense moment at the end. And then we just sat around and chatted for a while. All in all it was a great day, let’s hope there are plenty more like it!

Then on Sunday morning Matthew and Ellie said their goodbyes before church. After that we went to Fordham, then had lunch, didn’t do much in the afternoon, and then went to Sunday@6. I was leading music, and unfortunately it ended up that I was the only person singing! I can’t really play and sing at the same time very well. But nonetheless it seemed to go well, a few people said thanks afterwards so it can’t have been that bad.

After that we came back home, crashed out and watched “Monsters Inc” on Blu-Ray. It was the first High-Def film we’ve seen which I think was better in HD than it was in SD. (Although the previous films had their moments, the detail on Monsters Inc was pretty impressive). I’d quite like to get Star Trek (the new film, not the original series) on Blu-Ray but I’m going to wait until it comes down to a more reasonable price!

Right, I think that’s a decent summary of the weekend. Oh, and if Anne-Marie or Sarah are reading this, *waves*. That wasn’t a technical post was it? 😉

6 thoughts on “A Weekend of Firsts2 min read

  1. I think I may have seen Star Trek on Blu-Ray for about £10-15 at the local Blockbuster – want me to go back and check/get for you?

  2. Hmmm, if it’s less than £15 I wouldn’t mind you getting it for me Alex – it’s currently retailing on play.com for £17.99 which is still a bit pricey although less than the recommended price.

    Oh, and Steve – I’ll try and sneak the odd technical post in there 😉

  3. Will try and have a look tomorrow lunchtime.

    Monsters Inc was a great place to start though – thought the Blu-ray transfer was fantastic – felt like I was watching the film for the first time again 😉

  4. Cool, thanks Al, no worries if you can’t make it though 🙂

    Yeah, Monsters Inc was good on Blu-Ray. It was actually your comment on Twitter ages ago that made me add it to the list 🙂

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