Holiday, oh holiday, and the best one of the year3 min read

… so goes the song ‘Holiday’ by Vampire Weekend. Well, we’ve just had a week’s holiday (technically a bit more than that, because of the Easter Weekend), so I suppose I should briefly sketch out the details of what we’ve been up to! I can’t remember everything so just a fairly broad overview:

On Easter Sunday Phil’s parents came up with Roz and Matt. They met us at church, and then came back for lunch afterwards. We ate our own body weight in lasagne, and then went out for a walk (we needed to I think!). After that Anne-Marie came round for tea, and after Phil’s family had gone we spent the time discussing Doctor Who and Ashes to Ashes.

Anyway. On Easter Monday we went round to Laura’s for brunch. (Laura is a friend from church). AJ and Jen also came round, and we spent the day together. We watched ‘The Proposal’ (which was surprisingly good), and then a couple of episodes of Gavin & Stacey. Then we went out for a walk in the countryside near Fordham. After that, we all headed round to AJ and Jen’s for dinner, and watched ‘Flash Forward’ (the first one Phil and I had seen, which looked pretty good although definitely something I’d like to watch from the beginning.) So that was a really nice relaxing day!

On Tuesday and Wednesday we did various things around here, a bit of sorting out, etc. On Wednesday evening my parents came round for dinner, so it was good to see them!

On Thursday we headed down to Somerset to see Matthew, Ellie and Samuel. It was a bit of an eventful journey – about 20 minutes down the A12, the engine warning light came on! Given that the car had only been serviced and MOT’d the day before I thought this was a bit odd. I called up the AA, and they basically said if you haven’t noticed any performance degradation or anything like that, it was probably just an engine sensor gone wrong (or something like that). Nothing to worry about, carry on as normal and get it checked out by a garage when you can. Well, that delayed us by a bit, and then we also got delayed on the M25 by roadworks and the like. So we finally got to Evercreech at about 3:30ish! A fair bit later than we were intending, but still.

We said hello to the Dawkins, and then checked in at the Belfield House BnB where we were staying. It was a very nice place, and very cheap! I would definitely recommend it if you need to stay anywhere near Shepton Mallet. After that, we went back to Matthew and Ellie’s to have a very nice roast dinner, and then chatted for the rest of the evening.

On Friday morning we wandered around Shepton Mallet, finding out a bit about the local history, and having a go on some cool outdoor exercise machines in the park! After that we went round to Matthew and Ellie’s for lunch, and then headed over to King Alfred’s Tower for a couple of hours. (There are some photos on Matthew’s Facebook). Then we had dinner, watched ‘Outnumbered’, and just chatted until it was time to go!

Saturday morning we said our goodbyes and headed back – and had a much better journey, we were home by 2:00 (after leaving later)! It was a real joy to meet little Samuel (four months old now!), and it was sad to say goodbye, but we will see him – along with Matthew and Ellie – in a couple of weeks, which was a nice thought to leave on 🙂

In the evening we went round to Anne-Marie and Sarah’s house to watch Doctor Who and Ashes to Ashes, both of which were very good. I must admit, I do think I’m enjoying Ashes more than I’m enjoying Doctor Who at the moment – just because of the puzzle element of it! I just can’t see how they’re going to resolve all the questions, but I hope that they do. Just the kind of thing that keeps me watching something (kind of like Heroes season one, but better).

*phew* Sorry that was so long, I just like to keep abreast of what’s been going on. Hope you all had a good week anyway. Back to work for me this week, still. I am taking delivery of a PA system at some point, but that is a story for another blog post – when it arrives, hopefully this week!

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