Midweek Update

Yes, that’s right! I’m eschewing a weekend type update for a “midweek” update. In which I tell you about what’s been going on, mostly at the weekend, But hey ho, never mind.

The past three week nights we’ve been out for dinner with people from church: on Friday night we went round to James and Tash’s for dinner, and we had a very nice BBQ and spent some time with them. Then on Monday night we went round to Tim and Katie’s for dinner. Tim is our home group leader, and they live not far away from us, so that was also a very pleasant evening. Then, last night, we went round to John and Christine’s, where James and Tash were also having dinner! So that’s been three nights out with people from church – bliss. (Or, perhaps, bless, whichever is more appropriate).

Aaaaanyway. Apart from being out to dinner several times, on Saturday we spent a fair amount of the day preparing for the arrival of Peter, Martina and Albert – our friends from Germany. They arrived late afternoon / early evening kind of time. Albert is now 17 months old and he’s quite lively – he’s at the age where buttons are fascinating, and it was quite a challenge watching out that he didn’t (a) harm himself; (b) wreck the place! Still both Albert and our stuff managed to survive.

On Sunday we went to Fordham in the morning, to both services, and then came back for lunch. In the afternoon we had a few people from church round who wanted to catch up with Peter and Martina (Peter was formerly the apprentice at Fordham). After dinner, Sarah came round and we all watched “Sherlock” together.

I didn’t think this week’s episode was quite as good as last week’s but it was still very good and we really enjoyed it. I really hope they make some more episodes, it’s just been so enjoyable it would be a real shame if they never made any more!


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