The “Sunken Church”, Apparently1 min read

If I’m being totally honest, the photo today was taken by Mrs. Phil. I wasn’t even there when the picture was taken! We went down to Stansted Mountfitchet to visit Sarah’s parents, in order for me to talk to Sarah’s dad about ministry (he is an Anglican minister so it made sense. I didn’t just pick the parents of one of my friends at random. That would have been silly).

Anyway, this little memorial looks a bit like the top of a spire poking out of the ground, hence the “sunken church”.

I don’t know if the photo challenge quite counts if the photo wasn’t taken by me, but I’m going to claim it as today’s photo even if it’s not strictly accurate :p So there! Tomorrow: I’ll select a random person’s photo on Flickr and use that as my photo. Bwahahahahaha….

2 thoughts on “The “Sunken Church”, Apparently

  1. I think nicking someone else’s photo of Flickr WOULD be cheating… 😉

    You’ve just made this a husband/wife project you can do together… 😉

  2. Heh… it would be quite cool if Phil took the odd photo actually! Think she’s a bit busy at the moment though at work to get out much at lunchtime. She’s helped me pick some shots though so it’s not a complete cheat!

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