The Tunnel, and weekend type update1 min read

Today’s photo is of a tunnel which actually goes under the A12. If I want to get to the river from my workplace, I have to walk through this tunnel. To me it represents freedom, of sorts – it’s a barrier between me and work!

I’ve tried to encapsulate this by making the end of the tunnel colour with the rest of the tunnel being sepia. Anyway, you judge whether it worked or not 🙂 It is a bit of a cheesy effect these days but still.

Anyway, weekend update: well, there’s not much to say which I haven’t already really! That’s the good thing about doing these daily photo blog entries – it does mean I don’t have to update so much! Just wanted to say that yesterday was the first Sunday@6 of the new term, so I was there in the evening and playing with Chris. It seemed to go pretty well, numbers were up a bit on how we ended last term, and generally people seemed to enjoy it!

Um… actually that wasn’t very much of an update! Still, there you have it. That’s my exciting life for you…

2 thoughts on “The Tunnel, and weekend type update

  1. Having had a look at the Originals on Flickr in a way I think it’s nicer – the grey to colour contrass better possibly? Not sure just thoughts…

  2. I know what you mean Alex. I also used the auto-adjust colour feature in Paint.NET and I think that improved things a bit. One thing I’m learning is that some editing can transform an average photo into a good photo!

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