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Apologies for not updating here much the past few days! I’ve still been uploading photos to Flickr but haven’t got around to actually updating this blog with anything much. The reason is (and if you’re my boss, this would be a good time to look away now) – we’ve been busy, specifically busy looking at colleges.

On Saturday we went down to London – specifically, Southgate – for the open morning at Oak Hill Theological College. I won’t say too much about it on here but suffice it to say we very much enjoyed the experience 🙂 And on Tuesday we went to Oxford for the open day at Wycliffe Hall. Apart from the journey there and back (both were pretty bad – the M25 was terrible traffic-wise!), that was also very enjoyable. Much to think about and pray about over the next few weeks and months methinks… I haven’t got any more visits lined up as yet, but I’m hoping to see Trinity Bristol in January if possible.

Anyway: to fill you in on the rest of the news, on Monday night I was out at a work quiz night. It was good fun, and my team didn’t come last for once! Admittedly we were second last but still, it wasn’t bad.

Um, and… I think that’s just about it for news. That’s all from me, for now!

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