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We had visitors this weekend 🙂 Matthew and Ellie came up on Friday night, with Samuel (now 11 months old! – he’s walking and everything. Scary). It was great fun anyway, we had to go out to 21 but we came back to find Anne-Marie and Sarah round as well having a great old chat.

On Saturday we didn’t do much in the morning, then in the afternoon we had lunch and then went out to Fordham for the re-opening of the church: the church building has been closed for the last few months for refurbishment, and it opened up last weekend. You can see a couple of pictures of the new church on my Flickr page.

Then, we came back home and found our house overflowing with people! Well, not really, but in addition to Matthew, Ellie, Samuel, Anne-Marie and Sarah, we also had Phil, George and Makaila round. We had some tea with them and generally chatted the night away, occasionally watching random YouTube clips. It was very funny, just like old times – except, as Matthew pointed out on Twitter – half of us now have babies. Scary. Still, c’est la vie – life changes!

On Sunday morning Matthew, Ellie and Samuel had to leave so we said our goodbyes and went to church. It was the first morning service in the new church building and things went well, aside from a few problems with the PA system (for some reason the wireless lapel mic didn’t want to transmit all the way to the other side of the church. Strange). After that we came back home briefly, and then went back out again for another event at Fordham to do with the re-opening! Then it was the youth service, which went well, and then back home to watch the final episode of “Pillars of the Earth”.

I really enjoyed Pillars of the Earth – I’d recommend it to anyone for an interesting story which has a fair few Biblical themes in it. It reminded me a little bit of what the Apostle Paul wrote: “do not overcome evil with evil, but overcome evil with good” (from memory so might not be exact). I’d quite like to read the book as well now, but I don’t know when I will have the time!

So, in a nutshell, that was our weekend. Now I did have a rant all ready to go here about Christianity, Christian Voice, and the law – but I think that can wait for another time!

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  1. I had a look at the photos you took of the new inside of Fordham Church. It looks fantastic! Quite a change since I was a regular there. I would definitely recommend that the church send photos to the Diocesan Advisory Committee, if they haven’t already, so that the details can be passed round other churches thinking of doing something similar. I might even nab a couple of the photos to take to our own PCC…

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