The Dawkins Delegation

A few years ago Richard Dawkins published a book called “The God Delusion”, and shortly afterwards Alister McGrath published a book called “The Dawkins Delusion”. This post is about neither of those things: it is about the Dawkins family (the Dawkins Delegation) coming and visiting us at the weekend. I’m sorry for explaining that, but … well, I’d hate to have put 30 seconds worth of effort in only for no-one to understand 😉

Anyway. On Friday night, Matthew, Ellie and Samuel came up from Somerset to stay with us for a couple of days. They had some delays on the M25 but arrived here around 7:00. We all had dinner together, joined by Anne-Marie and Sarah (except for Mrs Phil, who was away at her leaving dinner). After dinner we just sat around, chatted and generally caught up! It was a really nice time.

On Saturday, they popped out for a while to see Phil and George, and we went up to do some shopping. After that we all came back to ours for lunch (including A-M and Sarah), and then went out to the park for a while. Samuel had a great time playing in the park there! And then we wandered round charity shops until it was closing time. I bought a few classical CDs – a couple of them were still shrink wrapped! Three CDs for £3, bargain. After that we came back to ours for dinner, and then – as on Friday night – spent the rest of the evening chatting.

On Sunday morning, sadly it was time for the Dawkins family to head back home. As always, these weekends are far too short! Still, we said our goodbyes and headed off to church. After that we didn’t really do much in the afternoon! We did watch the first episode of ‘Sherlock’ again, which had been repeated on the BBC last week.

After that we went out to Sunday@6, which turned out to be the last Sunday@6 of the summer – and, as such, is the last Sunday@6 we will go to before going to college! I think everything went well. I was leading the music, and it was a bit strange thinking that I wasn’t going to be doing that again anytime soon! Well, not at Fordham anyway. Still, onwards and upwards, as they say. I still feel like it’s right for us to be moving on, even if we’ll miss everyone hugely.

After that we came back home and watched Top Gear – an exciting evening! So, onto this week… this is my penultimate week at work (and Phil’s last week at work), so things are gradually drawing to a close for us here. It’s still nerve-wracking to think about what’s happening, but at the same time things are falling into place with finances etc, so I’m not as worried as I was a few weeks ago. I’m sure God has it in hand!

That’s all from me for now.


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