Chappel Winter Beer Festival2 min read

This weekend was the Chappel Winter Beer Festival (as you may have guessed from my cunning usage of those exact same words in the title of this post). On Friday night, as it was half term we didn’t have 21 for once! It’s not that I don’t enjoy doing 21 but it’s nice to have the evening off from time to time. So, we stayed in, and Alex and Laura joined us. We had dinner and then Laura had to head off, but Anne-Marie joined us to chat for an hour or two.

On Saturday morning we went out for a mile jog (Alex’s idea, but I felt good afterwards), and then we headed down to the station to get the train down to Chappel & Wakes Colne railway station. We got to the beer festival shortly after 11AM, and despite the miserable weather the atmosphere inside was good!

I think the day can be summarised by the following words: beer, pasty, pies, cheese, random, conversation. Not much more I can say apart from that! We got the 4:40 train back home (the session we were at was 11AM – 5PM), and we walked back home from Colchester station, stopping to take a few pictures of the beautiful sunset.

In the evening we had a curry at the Ashiana, which was nice although I couldn’t finish all of mine! – and then headed back home to watch Toy Story 3. Phil and I hadn’t seen it before, and it was really good. We were saying afterwards, a lot of trilogies tail off in the second or third films. Toy Story doesn’t – it keeps the standard consistently high throughout all of them. We really enjoyed it and I would definitely say it was worth a watch if you haven’t seen it already.

On Sunday we went to church in the morning, before coming back home and having a nice walk around Castle Park to take a few photos of the fast-approaching spring. Then we had lunch and Alex headed off, we went to Sunday@6, and then came back home and watched Top Gear. So there you have it! That was our weekend. It was a really nice weekend, although I feel quite tired at the moment. Still, we don’t have all that much on this week so that’s good.

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