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Can’t think of anything more exciting to post than that unfortunately! It’s half-term this week, so it was the last 21 of this half-term on Friday night. It went pretty well, I was doing the talk and I think they were generally paying attention and understood.

On Saturday we didn’t end up doing all that much. It was kind of nice to have a day off after the busy couple of weekends we’d had recently. Phil was working on her Moore Course, and I was… defrosting the freezer (hey, it needed doing, there was more ice in there than there was food). In the evening we watched “The Social Network” which was much better than I had expected. I honestly didn’t know what to expect from the film – I mean, how interesting can it be to have a film about the creation of Facebook? – but it was well written, directed (and acted, surprisingly, given that Justin Timberlake was in it. Seriously). Even if the film was a complete work of fiction (in some respects at least), it’s an interesting story and worth watching.

Anyway. On Sunday we didn’t go to church in the morning! Surprised, you there, huh? It was our morning off. Then in the evening we went to Sunday@6 (by “we” I mean “I” – Phil wasn’t feeling great so stayed home). After that I came back and we watched Top Gear, which was really good this week. And then QI. And then bed.

So there you have it. I should point out (usual caveats about my boss looking away now apply): I have very nearly finished my application form for theological college next year. This is quite a strange prospect. I will try to get it sent off this week. I met up with the DDO on Saturday morning, so that would pretty much be all I need to do on my application for the next few weeks. Scary stuff.

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