Eurovision again

So another quick weekend update. 21 on Friday night: about 25 kids. That’s a record for the time I’ve been there. I think they were slightly more settled than last week, but still very noisy! Still – we have Friday off this week because of the JOY event happening on Saturday night (it’s a sort of inter-church youth event). Hopefully the following week they will be a bit less excited still!

Anyway. Saturday was spent doing a few chores and then running down to London to look at a house in East Barnet (we didn’t literally run, of course – we drove). But I will blog about the house sometime soon when things are a bit more definite. After that we came back home and watched Doctor Who with Anne-Marie and Sarah. It was a great episode this week, penned by Neil Gaiman.

Then we watched Eurovision, which was good fun. I have a sort of love-hate relationship with Eurovision: it’s trash (Eurotrash?), but somehow seeing things like unicycling gnomes with great big pointy hats just makes it all worthwhile. Anyway, ‘Blue’ managed to score 12 points from one nation so they can’t have been all that bad, I’d still like for Britain to enter a proper band one year though. Or, failing that, Scouting for Girls (hey, it’s what a lot of people actually listen to in this country. Unlike Blue.)

All that said, I did feel like the quality of the songs was higher this year than it has been in previous years so perhaps it is on the up, very gradually.

So. Sunday: went to church in the morning. Went to church in the evening. Did some ironing. That’s pretty much a summary of our day!

Hopefully I’ll have some more exciting news to update with soon about college stuff…


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