Only a two day weekend1 min read

It was only a two day weekend this week – scandalous! Still, c’est la vie. It was a good weekend: on Friday night it was the first 21 of the new term. There were 22 young people there! – mostly year sixes who’d come up. It was pretty crazy, I think they all had a good time but they were hard work. Still, it’s a nice problem to have – hopefully they will settle down a bit next week.

On Saturday we spent the morning doing various household tasks, and then in the afternoon went round to Phil and George’s for Makaila’s first birthday party. It was a really nice afternoon, I felt quite guilty because we hadn’t seen them since last November (!) – but it was good to see them and some of their other family and friends. We bought Makaila a little piano / xylophone type thing, it seemed to be quite popular (particularly with Anne-Marie 😉

Afterwards we came back home and watched Doctor Who. I didn’t think the episode was as good as the two previous ones, but it was good fun and we enjoyed watching it! After that we watched “Another Year”, a Mike Leigh film. I really enjoyed it – it was just a realistic ‘slice of life’ kind of film centred around a happily married couple and the interactions with their friends and family. I quite liked it in the end, it was very much about ‘real people’ and you could identify with the characters… even if I felt the happily married couple were a little bit *too* happily married (I don’t think they were really, they just didn’t really have any problems for the duration of the film while everyone else did.)

Anyway. On Sunday we went to church in the morning, came back for lunch, then went out again for Sunday@6… not much to report really!

So there you have it. It was a pretty quiet, relaxing weekend. And that’s about it from me this week 🙂

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