What’s up, my brother?

Hmmm. Anyway, yes. Yesterday, I went to church in the morning. I came home, and had lunch. Then I … uh… did something. Prepared the Fusion program for next term for our group. Went out again to church. Came back home. Had tea. Did something. Went to bed.

Today… I woke up, had breakfast. (I’m really scraping the barrel now, as you may have noticed…) Had lunch. Worked on my final year project. Did a bit of reading. Worked on my project again. Had dinner. Went for a walk. Watched “The Blues Brothers”. So, as you can see, not much! I have been up to slightly more but it’s so incredibly boring that I’d probably bore even myself if I wrote it up. That’s gotta be bad.

Still. Only a week left until I’m back in Colchester! This holiday has gone past ridiculously quickly. Probably because I stayed round for a week in Colchester, then spent a few days with Phil, then it was Christmas, and now it’s only two weeks until the start of next term. It does feel like quite a bit has happened since the end of last term though! Right.

I’m not going to be doing anything exciting this week, so I may not post up very often. Just the usual stuff, and doing my project work. Oh, it’s so fun… yeah right. Still, I just have to look forward to see my going up at my graduation (hopefully). That’s what I’m doing this for! See yous guys laters…


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