Reflections after one term

I’ve now been at Oak Hill College for a whole term. I had my one and only exam for this term this morning (New Testament Greek). I thought I’d do a quick post up with my reflections on being here after having completed the initial courses.

My attitudes have changed slightly since my previous post on the subject, now that the courses have finished here’s a quick summary of what I now think:

  • Creation & The Doctrine of Humanity – I think this is probably the course which has had the most personal impact in terms of my understanding of God. We often talk about God as redeemer and saviour – but not often as creator. This module really got me thinking about that, and in general I think our understanding of creation could probably do with being taught more in churches – it’s so important!
  • Biblical Theology – This was fascinating stuff, particularly when we got to Solomon and typology. That said, I wasn’t sure about how far you could take typology (if you don’t know what that means, don’t worry.) This is a topic I’d like to blog about a little bit more in the future so I’ll continue thinking along those lines.
  • Greek – the exam this morning was pretty hard! But overall I’m finding it really good to learn to read the New Testament in the original language… it’s fascinating to be able to pick apart some modern translations and see which decisions they’ve had to make.

In general I think it’s a great college and community, very supportive. The teaching we’ve had has been excellent as well. And this term has been a fairly well-pitched introduction – it hasn’t been too stressful in terms of assignments and deadlines, the workload has been about right for someone who wasn’t in the academic world before coming here.


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