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Things have been getting a bit heavy once again on this blog recently (sorry!), so I decided to write a quick update about how things are going with me. Funny how things have changed since this time last year – last year I was basically only writing personal updates. Now it’s the other way round, in so many ways…

It’s strange thinking back to last April. Although by that stage we knew we were coming to London, we didn’t know where we were going to be living. Also we both still had regular jobs, we were both involved with our church in Colchester including helping out with a youth club every week. Now, here we are – 12 months later, and only a few weeks away from finishing the year!

I still get days when I wake up and think, “What are you doing?!” Not so much now, but it seems strange to have given up our old lives, relatively secure, for lives which are a lot less certain. That said, I wouldn’t change it for anything – I feel much happier now. I’m loving studying the Bible, I’ve loved having the opportunity to preach a few times recently and just generally get involved in some ministry and learning about ministry. I definitely feel like this is where God wants us for the time being.

So, all that said, here are a few details about the rest of our Easter break. As I think I mentioned, I was on a mission for the first week. Then I spent the week generally chilling out a bit – before the holidays I was somewhat frazzled and stressed out with work, so I needed a bit of time! Then, for Easter weekend we went up to Colchester. On Easter Sunday we saw my parents, in between going to the morning and evening services at Fordham. Then, on the Monday we went round to AJ and Jen’s house and had a lovely day with them.

Then we came back home, Phil was back to work on the Tuesday, and I spent most of the week doing a bit of college work. So, there you have it, that’s how things are going for us in a nutshell!

Just over five more weeks of term left, then one week of exams, and then – academically speaking, it’s over for me until next year. This year has flown by so quickly, it’s scary. Anyway, that’s all from me. Normal service will resume shortly.


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