Still Alive…

Sadly, I’m not doing science. But I am still alive.

It’s been a good couple of weeks! As I mentioned before, we went on holiday to Wales with some friends from college. We were staying in a holiday home in Borth-y-gest, not far from Porthmadog. We had a lovely time – with the exception of my camera being stolen (it looks like it was stolen on the way up, I didn’t manage to get any holiday photos.) But we visited various places, including Portmeirion (where they filmed the TV series ‘The Prisoner’ back in the 60s), a couple of National Trust houses, Anglesey (including the place with the longest name in the country), and generally had a relaxing time of it.

We also had a fantastic week as far as weather goes, better weather than there was in London! Can’t be too often you say that about a holiday in Wales…

Anyway, we got back home safely from that last week. Last week I mostly spent doing sermon preparation – I was preaching last night at the evening service at Christ Church Cockfosters. I think it went fairly well, and if I’m able to get hold of an audio copy I will post it up (otherwise I will post up the text).

This week I’m doing a communication workshop – learning how to do sermons better, essentially. A lot of people have recommended it, so I’m looking forward to that. If they say anything interesting I might do a blog post about it next week 😉


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