End of a Prim-era

Today is a significant day: we are selling our car. It’s the end of an era… the end of a Nissan Primera, in fact (did you see what I did there? Ha!). It was just over a year ago that we bought the car, replacing our much-loved but expensive-to-run Saab.

Being without a car will be a new experience for us – I’ve owned a car since I first had a job (I’ve almost always had to drive to commute). It will be a pain to get to a few places, but at the same time it will be a lot cheaper – it seems wrong to be spending what we did on the car with the amount of use it would get this year. Most of the places we need to get to regularly (Colchester, my parents, Phil’s parents) are fairly easy to get to by public transport. And we can always hire a car, which – for the amount we will use it – will still work out cheaper than owning a car.

So, there you go. The listing is up on eBay if you are interested. The main problem with the car is, some idiot reversed into the passenger side door while the car was parked the other week, denting the passenger-side front door a bit. (Without leaving insurance details. Why do these things always happen when you want to try and sell a car?!)

But still, I’ve been able to sell two cars on eBay before – and I’m not too worried about what we get for it, something is better than nothing.


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