A time of Expecting…

20 Week Scan After all the heavy stuff I’ve been talking about over the past few weeks and months, it gives me great pleasure to announce… we’re expecting a baby! 🙂

We had the 20-week scan today at the hospital. Everything was fine, the baby seemed to be doing well, the heart is beating fine, and it was moving around in there. They told us that the baby is most probably a girl – I say most probably because they are less sure for girls than boys for obvious reasons.

The baby (or ‘she’) is due at the end of September, which will be a couple of weeks into term time for me – not the most convenient time ever! But unfortunately you can’t just fit babies around your schedule.

We’ve both been feeling a mixture of excitement and dread to be honest – it will be amazing to have a child but at the time time it scares the heck out of me! But hopefully everything will go normally and we’ll take each day as it comes. And I’m sure God will help us 🙂

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