Review: Is God anti-gay?1 min read

I’ve just finished reading “Is God anti-gay?” by Sam Allberry. It didn’t take very long – it’s less than 100 pages long! In the book, Allberry uses his experience as a pastor who experiences same-sex attraction (SSA for short) to write a sensitive and compelling piece about what the Bible says about sexuality.

I’d recommend this book to anyone who wanted to understand more about what the Bible says about sexuality (Christian or not) – it may not change your mind but it will hopefully give a different perspective. Not all of the book will be relevant to everyone, I think Allberry tries to write to accommodate a wide range of potential readers, but that’s not to detract from the main message of the book.

I’d suggest that this would be a good book to put at the back of churches for people to browse; this issue isn’t going to get any smaller in future years and having something to explain things in a concise yet accessible way will be a real plus.

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