The Pattern of Sound Teaching

A week or so ago, my friend Andy asked me to write a guest piece for his blog. I duly obliged, and it was published a couple of days ago.

Here’s a snippet to whet your appetite:

But if the Trinity is a deeply Biblical and important truth for our faith, why is it that Christians seem to have so little confidence with this doctrine? Why is it, as Andrew Wilson highlighted in a blog a few years ago, that modern worship songs are rarely Trinitarian (they tend to address God only as ‘God’ or ‘Lord’, rather than the specific Father / Son / Holy Spirit)?

You could extend this to many different areas. I, along with many other Christians, have been deeply distressed over the last few years that many churches in the UK have changed their minds on a number of significant moral issues of the day e.g. about marriage and sexuality, end-of-life issues, and so on. Why is it that churches in the 21st century seem too often to take on the values of the surrounding culture rather than being counter cultural?

If you would like to know my opinion about the answer to the question, read the rest on his blog. (Did you see, I tantalisingly left off the answer to the question? Marketing, you see. I was never any good at it…)


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