The religion of lockdown & climate change

Have you noticed that the way the government and media often talk about climate change and lockdowns is almost religious? Here I look at the similarities between Christianity, lockdowns, and climate change.

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2 responses to “The religion of lockdown & climate change”

  1. John Fuller avatar
    John Fuller

    Phil, Enjoyed your discourse on climate change, lockdown and Christianity. The fifth line in your comparison is salvation. Salvation in Christ or salvation in the vaccine. Even the Church professes salvation in the latter. Best wishes.

    1. Thank you John, that’s very kind. And that’s a very good point – Salvation is a very important parallel which I should have included. There are others too e.g. the way that people who question climate change or the efficacy of lockdowns are called “deniers” is very much like the way heretics were treated in the middle ages.

      Thanks for commenting! – Phill

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