Why has God taken our songs away?

Over the last 12 months during the pandemic, government guidance has prevented many churches from singing. Why has God allowed this to happen? In this short video we look at Psalm 95 to help us understand.

Key points

In the video I take a very brief look at Psalm 95.

  • Verses 1-2 tell us to sing – three times! There are two reasons to sing.
  • Firstly, in verses 3-5, we are to sing because God is a great God – he made everything.
  • Secondly, in verses 6-7, we are to sing because God cares for us.
  • The Psalm finishes with a warning in verses 8-11, not to be like the people of Israel at Meribah. This is referring to Exodus 17:1-7, where the people of Israel tested God. They grumbled against Moses and did not trust that God would provide water for them in the desert.
  • I wonder whether the reason God has taken our songs away is because we have been acting a bit like the people of Israel at Meribah and Massah: songs are an expression of trust in God and praising him for his deliverance and care. What does it say about God if we think it’s not safe to sing to him?
  • Perhaps this is an opportunity for us to do something like Matt Redman’s song, “Heart of Worship”. Maybe God wants us to learn what it means to trust him and praise him more deeply.


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