Why has the church not engaged theologically with lockdown?

Over the last 15 months, a lot of churches have not really engaged with what’s been happening with the lockdowns. Perhaps it has been seen as divisive, or a distraction from preaching the gospel. But does not the gospel have something to say about lockdowns, and shouldn’t the church be speaking about it?


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    Liz Kilbride

    It feels very wrong that the Church has not even been willing to discuss what has been going on with its members.
    It seems that the leaders have all totally bought in to the government mantra and just accept that there is no other option but to obey without question.
    This last 18 months, Covid has been the only issue of concern.
    Surely as loving Christians, we should be fighting for friends who cannot access GP’s for cancer diagnoses, Teens who are isolated confused and suicidal, young families who have struggled with no support…the list goes on.
    We should be querying dodgy statistics and searching for TRUTH.
    We should be insisting on meeting together and supporting each other and Singing praise to our God. We should be assuring people that in Jesus we have love, not fear, and that death is not the end.
    After much lobbying, I was allowed a brief meeting with some of our pcc. to voice my concerns, but it was a small private meeting and the outcomes were never publicised. I felt that it was just to keep me quiet.

    1. I’m sorry to hear that Liz. It just feels like many churches and church leaders have not wanted to engage at all with what’s really happening.

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