Did secularism create the covid cult? | Podcast #15


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    frances channon

    Hi Phill, I made several attempts just now to buy you coffees, but firstly, there’s no pay pal option and then after entering my card details, I was asked to enter my card details?! After 3 attempts, I gave up. Below, is the note that would have accompanied the donation. Any suggestions as to how I can buy you coffees?

    “Thanks, Phill. Your video regarding secularism is brilliant and ties in with my experience today. I went to the local church’s carol service earlier with my daughter. Never again. I won’t go into details, as the subject is controversial, but suffice it to say that we place out trust in God to keep us safe. Keep up the great work.”

    1. Hi Frances, thanks so much again for the encouraging comment. BMAC recently changed things and they removed PayPal as an option. I’ve just tried adjusting the settings, could you try it one more time?

      If not, you could PayPal it to me directly I think, try this link: https://paypal.me/sacredmusings

      Thanks you, I appreciate it so much.

    2. Hi Frances, I’ve just tried it myself and one thing which I’ve found confusing is that it asks you for your postcode after putting in your card details… I just wonder whether that could be a problem? Thanks anyway! Phill

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